Top 10 funniest tweets of the week, Sept. 16–22

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer

This week’s edition includes tweets about the new Facebook update, the Emmys, the Buffet rule and much more:

10.EliLake: For the single guys who want to impress a lady on a 1st date, try TGI Fridays. The Jack Daniels grill is classy but also neighborhood real.

9.CrowleyTIME: Doesn’t Ahmadinejad know poverty is a losing issue? He needs to pivot to jobs, draw sharp contrasts with ayatollahs. #UNGA

8. phil_rosenthal: This wouldn’t be happening with Facebook if the Winklevoss twins were in charge!!!

7. benshapiro: Best supporting actress should have gone to Christina Hendricks’ bra.

6. greggutfeld: Before u make that Downfall video, realize we don’t need another Downfall video

5. iowahawkblog: The UN is the geopolitical equivalent of YouTube commenters.

4. NoahPollak: Now Pals taking cues from JournoList RT @allahpundit: PLO official: Rick Perry is a “racist” twurl.nl/kr3hc1

3. rickperryfacts If at first you don’t succeed, you’re not Rick Perry.

2. jaketapper:I have long been in favor of the Jimmy Buffett Rule — tax breaks for margaritas

1. itrevormoore: Figures. The Emmys are completely ignoring Ron Paul.

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