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Remember when terrorists were the guys who blew things up and killed people? Frank Miller does.

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If you’ve seen 300 (yay!), Sin City (yep), or The Spirit (yecchh), you know who Frank Miller is. The comic book writer/artist has managed to parlay his career telling violent, noirish tough-guy stories with paper and ink into a career telling violent, noirish tough-guy stories on film. Tomorrow he returns to comics, and there’s even a trailer for it:

That’s right, a guy in a Halloween costume fighting Islamic terrorists. Why not?

The project started out 5 years ago as Holy Terror, Batman! (Get it?) It was going to be Miller’s epic tale of the Dark Knight vs. the Dark Ages, with Batman “kicking Al Qaeda’s ass.” For years Miller said he’d finished over 100 pages of it, but apparently DC Comics balked at the thought of their offices getting blown up. So Miller went back and redrew the whole deal with a new character called The Fixer, and it’s being published by Legendary Entertainment (the same company that made 300 and The Dark Knight). Which is probably a good thing, because Miller wouldn’t be able to show Batman shooting terrorists in the head, and I like seeing terrorists getting shot in the head.

It only took 10 years after 9/11 to make a movie where Islamic terrorists are the bad guys, and it’s a comic book. I hope if they ever make an actual movie out if this, Nicolas Cage plays him. The Fixer, I mean, not Frank Miller. Although he could play either one, really.

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