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Racist Republicans sell racist cupcakes because of the racism

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Is it wrong to treat people differently based on the color of their skin? Well, that depends on whether or not you agree with liberalism. LA Times:

Hundreds of students packed UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Tuesday to express their views on the use of race and gender in university admissions decisions — and to weigh in on the tone of the debate.

The dialogue in this bastion of the free-speech movement was triggered by a bake sale, sponsored by the Berkeley College Republicans, that promised goods priced according to the buyer’s race, ethnicity and gender…

Under the bake sale’s satirical pricing structure, whites were supposed to pay $2 for the same pastry that would cost Native Americans 25 cents. (The Republican club, however, accepted whatever people chose to pay.) Supporters formed a protective barrier around the group’s table on Tuesday; Proposition 209 author and former UC Regent Ward Connerly, who is black, showed up to help the students sell frosted cupcakes…

“It’s kind of ugly,” said 21-year-old gender and women’s studies major Tatianna Peck, who held a sign in mock protest of the exclusion of “queer people” from the pricing structure. “It’s … forcing people into a defensive position instead of an honest place of listening.”

Excellent point, Tatianna. Why are Republicans discriminating against white people?

Courtesy of the ever-reliable “Zombie” at Pajamas Media:

When you’re protesting a bake sale, it’s only natural to prepare by getting baked.

The NYT says the bake sale “backfired.” Obviously they don’t give their headline writers dictionaries.

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