Snoopy, Lamb Chop fall 32,526 votes shy of winning New York special election

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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For some people in New York’s 9th Congressional District, the candidates for the special election earlier this month just weren’t adequate, so they decided to write-in some people they thought would do a better job, including several cartoon characters and Calvin Klein.

The Board of Elections in the City of New York has released the breakdown of votes for the NY-09 special election, which Republican Bob Turner ultimately won. But here are some of the more interesting people that got a few votes:

  • Disgraced former congressman of the district Anthony Weiner received 31 votes.
  • “Blank” received two votes.
  • Calvin Klein received one vote.
  • Diamond Joe Quimby, mayor of Springfield in The Simpsons, received one vote. One vote was also cast for “Mayor Quimby.”
  • John Doe got one vote.
  • One vote was cast for Lamb Chop.
  • Comedian Lewis Black received one vote.
  • Munchma Quchy of Colbert Report fame received one vote.
  • “No Gay Marriage,” “Neither Candidate,” and “None of the Listed,” and “Someone who will do something,” each received a single vote.
  • Presidential candidate Ron Paul, ever a fan favorite, got one vote, as did former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
  • And perhaps the most qualified candidate of all, Snoopy, also received one vote.
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Alexis Levinson