Clint Eastwood, back in front of the camera

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Following his award-winning performance in “Gran Torino,” Clint Eastwood announced to his fans that his acting career was done. But now rumors of his return to the screen are swirling around Hollywood.

“They’re not writing a lot of really great material for guys my age,” Eastwood told Entertainment Weekly in August. “In lieu of that, I would just prefer to stay behind the camera. But if a great role came along, yeah, I would do that.”

That role might be the lead in the baseball drama “Trouble with the Curve,” a script about a veteran baseball scout with failing eyesight who talks his daughter into going on a road trip with him.
Talks of film production include Robert Lorenz, Eastwood’s long time producing partner at Malpaso Productions.

Lorenz and Eastwood have been working together for nine years — their first project together was “Blood Work” in 2002. their most recent collaboration was the biopic “J. Edgar.”

“Trouble with the Curve” would also be Lorenz’s directorial debut.