Ford-UAW Deal in Trouble

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Hey, let’s cripple the only non-failed U.S. automaker! More Wagner Act jobs magic: The deal between the UAW and Ford is in trouble. UAW members appear to be on the brink of rejecting it. That means a strike is possible. Will the UAW win a strike? I don’t think so, and the UAW leadership apparently doesn’t think so either. Remember that hundreds of thousands of competent American workers would happily perform UAW members jobs for half of UAW pay.  A UAW Facebook post warning members that Ford could hire “replacement workers” has been withdrawn, but that doesn’t mean Ford won’t and it doesn’t mean the union hierachy isn’t worried. … P.S.: Whether the UAW strikes or grudgingly accepts the deal, it will be good vibes, cooperation and productivity all around thanks to the adversarial mindset institutionalized by the New Deal Wagner Act.  … P.P.S.: Remember that the structured “economic contest” set up by Wagner–in which workers get whatever they can get by physically leaving the plant and trying to prevent their employer from carrying on with business–is morally arbitrary, almost as arbitrary as if they settled the dispute with a boxing match. Unions that don’t have the UAW’s advantages–big centralized factories that can be easily blockaded, jobs that managers can’t easily do, a reputation for physical confrontation–don’t get UAW pay.  Ask the garment workers. …

Mickey Kaus