Coulter: ‘I want Romney-Cain’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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To say Ann Coulter had a political crush on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie might be putting it mildly. So when Christie announced he wasn’t running for president, and then endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the natural thing for her to do would have been to push for a Romney-Christie ticket.

Not so fast.

On Thursday night’s “Hannity,” the author of “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America” elaborated on her endorsement of Romney last week, but also endorsed Cain for his signature “9-9-9” tax plan.

“I am so glad you asked about Herman Cain,” Coulter said. “I want Romney-Cain. I wouldn’t be displeased with Cain at the top of the ticket, though as I said before it’s risky running someone who hasn’t held elected office before.

“But I love the ‘9-9-9’ plan and the more people that attack it — fellow Republicans in the media — the more I love it. It’s a fantastic plan. I’m encouraging Mitt Romney to choose Herman Cain as his vice-presidential nominee.”


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