Top ten: The worst of Lindsay Lohan [SLIDESHOW]

Betsi Fores The Daily Caller News Foundation
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To say Lindsay Lohan’s career has been a roller-coaster ride would be an understatement. Since starring in Disney’s re-boot of “The Parent Trap,” the red-headed “Mean Girl” has defined most of what’s wrong with Hollywood.

LiLo grew up in front of the camera, so it’s no surprise that her her self-destructive side has been captured on digital film. Her reckless mood trips, messy family dramas, and serial run-ins with the law never seem to end — and like a really horrible car crash, we Just. Can’t. Look. Away.

Here’s a look at our favorite hot mess through the years, as she continues to shock (and awe) us with her persistent partying and general outrageousness.

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