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People with guns at public rallies are bad (except when they’re not)

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Remember when MSNBC showed footage of a Tea Party in Phoenix with a guy carrying an AR-15 and a handgun, and used that footage to allege that Tea Partiers are violent racists?

Only one problem. Courtesy of All American Blogger, here’s the well-armed Tea Partier in question:

Oops. Gee, it’s almost like MSNBC went out of their way not to show his hands or face. Either they deliberately edited that footage so it conformed with the racebaiting lie they wanted to tell, or they’re a bunch of incompetents.

But that was over two years ago. What’s going on in Phoenix these days?

How about that. A bunch of white guys with guns at a public rally, making noises about violent revolution. Even better: they’re neo-Nazis. (And the weirdo behind the camera appears to be a Ron Paul nut supporter. So that’s a nice little bonus.)

What’s that? It’s an Occupy rally?


Never mind. Nothing to see here, folks!

(Hat tip: Say Uncle)

P.S. The Occupy Oakland protesters are non-violent, except for the violence.

P.P.S. Occupy Wall Street kitchen staff protesting fixing food for freeloaders. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

P.P.P.S. Occupy Portland learns that redistribution of wealth isn’t as much fun when the wealth is yours.