Herman Cain would wear Ron Paul costume to scare people on Halloween

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Herman Cain said that if he were to dress up for Halloween as one of his Republican political opponents to scare people, it would be Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

“That is a trick question,” Cain responded when asked the ice-breaker by the moderator at the American Enterprise Institute Monday morning. “I believe I would go as Ron Paul. “

Cain was at AEI to discuss his signature “9-9-9” tax plan.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO also took a shot at Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Cain said that as president he will provide solutions, “not a 59 point plan with a 160 pages.” He was referring to the former Massachusetts governor’s economic plan.

“Yes,  I took a shot at somebody,” Cain humorously admitted.

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