Bob Barker: ‘Stay away’ from movies with animals [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter

In an interview with The Daily Caller, television personality Bob Barker, former host of “The Price Is Right” urged people to “stay away” from movies with animals and said the federal government should ban the use of exotic animals in circuses. Barker also told TheDC that he will “not criticize” animal rights activists who free wild animals from circuses if they think they’re being abused.


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Barker was at the Capitol on Wednesday with Animal Defenders International to support the “Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act,” sponsored by Democratic Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia. The proposed law would restrict the use of exotic animals in traveling circuses across the United States.

Barker, who retired from the TV pricing game in 2006, is a long-time animal rights activist. He has made endowments of between $500,000 and $1 million to support the study of “animal rights law” at nearly a dozen universities.

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