Curt Anderson defended

Matt K. Lewis | Senior Contributor

Talk about a soap opera.

Herman Cain is accusing his former adviser, Curt Anderson, of leaking the sexual harassment allegations to Politico. (Anderson’s firm, OnMessage Inc., was recently hired by Rick Perry.) Meanwhile, appearing on Fox News, Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block called on Team Perry to apologize for the leak.

Is this the smoking gun?

I asked Phillip Stutts to weigh in. Stutts has worked closely with Anderson in the past, but is not affiliated with any presidential campaign this cycle.

Here’s what he emailed me:

This is laughable. I’ve known Curt [Anderson] for 14 years and he is the rare breed in politics who is honest and trustworthy. Hell, he just wrote a column for the DC re [former Pawlenty manager] Nick Ayers and how campaign aides should not air a candidate’s dirty laundry in public. Curt is not only a great consultant, he’s a good guy.

This move, this weird attempt to blame a consultant from seven years ago, only tells me the wheels have come off Cain’s bus. I think Cain needs to relax, have a smoke and take responsibility for his own actions from 12 years ago.

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