New Glee episode stirs up boy-on-boy controversy

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There’s nothing new about racy content in the hit TV series “Glee.” Everyone from the conservative Parents Television Council to the liberal Change.org has weighed in on the messages the show sends to its teenage audience.

But an upcoming episode titled “The First Time” promises to crank up the chatter to a new level: It features two couples having pre-marital sex, and one of them is a gay couple.

The episode’s plot includes gay sex, premarital sex and underage drinking. Tim Stack from Entertainment Weekly writes: “I can’t think of another network series that’s taken a teenage gay relationship so far or been so progressive.”

“Glee” writers have reportedly handled the issues delicately. The Daily Mail writes that the episode “highlight[s] the importance of safe sex, emotional preparation and a healthy discourse.” Reports also include a relatively mature range of emotions in the script.

Still, religious groups — including those who are already calling the show “propaganda” — are sure to be nonplussed. Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association said Glee is “not only mocking Christianity, but promoting deviant sexuality.”

The show’s ratings are reportedly slumping this season, which could explain the producers’ desire to stray into more and more controversial territory. Time will tell whether gay sex will draw a greater audience to Glee, or send more fans looking for a less “political” musical show to watch.

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