Grassroots campaign puts pressure on Congress to call for Holder’s resignation

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Conservative activist Joseph Connor has launched a grassroots effort asking voters to push their congressmen and senators to call for Attorney General Eric Holder’s immediate resignation.

To date 35 members of Congress, all of them in the House of Representatives, have called for Holder’s departure from the Department of Justice.

“The [Operation] Fast and Furious scheme, where more than 2,000 rifles were knowingly and willfully allowed to be transported from the United States into Mexico, has now been linked to a number of deaths on both sides of the border, including two United States federal agents,” Connor wrote in an email sent out to conservative voters and activists. “The scandal has now become a full-scale criminal investigation enveloping several agencies.”

Connor’s letter explains some Americans’ skepticism of an internal investigation reportedly being conducted by Holder and DOJ Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar. “Ms. Schnedar has long ties to Mr. Holder, and she recently released secret tapes which compromised the investigation,” Connor writes. “Mr. Holder apparently has no intention to appoint a truly independent investigator.”

The email describes how, during the Clinton administration, Holder was a key officials who led the charge to pardon Puerto Rican terrorists from the Armed Forces for National Liberation (FALN). Those FALN terrorists, Connor wrote in August 2008, “proudly claimed responsibility for my father’s [Frank Connor’s] murder.”

“This kind of scandal and denial is nothing new to Mr. Holder,” Connor wrote of the aftermath of Operation Fast and Furious. “He has a demonstrated pattern of dangerous disregard for the American citizens he is sworn to protect. As Deputy Attorney General he engineered executive clemency for the unrepentant terrorists of the FALN and an international fugitive, Marc Rich, who sold arms to our enemies.”

“In order to maintain his effectiveness and insure the credibility of the Justice Department, The Attorney General of the United States must operate at a legal, honest and ethical level above reproach,” Connor continues. “Mr. Holder clearly falls short of those minimal requirements.”

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