Erick Erickson: Romney will win the nomination, but lose to Obama

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Prominent conservative blogger Erick Erickson has come to a shocking conclusion over at RedState:

Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. And his general election campaign will be an utter disaster for conservatives as he takes the GOP down with him and burns up what it means to be a conservative in the process.

He adds:

I’m starting to think I need to walk it back on my rejection of Jon Huntsman. Because I’m starting to think even he would be more faithful in his conservative convictions than Mitt Romney.

I take this more as an example of Erickson firing a dire warning signal — than any sort of clairvoyance. Erickson is more interested in urging conservatives to prove him wrong than he is in being considered a fortune teller.

Still, it’s hard to deny his conclusions: Romney appears to stand for little, yet — for a variety of reasons — he is poised to be the nominee.

(I’m still skeptical that Jon Huntsman might be the answer…)

Matt K. Lewis