Reid hoped super committee talks would be ‘hand-holding’ and ‘hugs’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “hoped” that the super committee’s deficit reduction negotiations would consist of “hand-holding,” “hugs” and “pats on the back,” but says they have instead resulted in headlocks.


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“What I’d hoped is that because we have an obligation to do something about the debt, I was hoping that there would be a lot of hold — hand-holding and hugs and pats on the back and we’d be headed home for Thanksgiving,” Reid said at the Capitol on Tuesday. “But at this stage we’ve seen a few armlocks and a few whatever you call it when you put some — you know, lock somebody around the neck … headlock, that’s what it is.”

Reid blamed Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist for holding up an agreement.

“Republicans have asked that we make some structural changes to entitlement programs. We told them in order to do that there has to be some tax revenue in return and we would need a break from Grover Norquist,” Reid said.

The bipartisan super committee’s deadline under the current congressional agreement is Nov. 23.

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