Legendary ‘Spear of Destiny’ tops Google searches

Christopher Bedford Senior Editor, The Daily Caller
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The Spear of Destiny — the legendary weapon some Christians believe was used to pierce Christ’s side while he hung the cross — was the number one trending search item on Google in the U.S. early Thursday morning. The reason is unclear, although the History Channel aired a documentary on the subject Wednesday evening.

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out for the Rapture. The relic, a recurring hot item online, is the subject of salacious rumors that its wielder gains special but unspecified powers.

Hitler was allegedly obsessed with the spear and other ancient artifacts. According to Holy Lance enthusiast Dr. Howard Buechner, the purported weapon held in Vienna is a fraud, as Hitler launched an expedition to send the spear to Antartica along with other Nazi treasures.

The real spear, he says, is now held by a Nazi secret society in Europe.

Hitler’s fascination with holy objects was one theme of the Indiana Jones franchise, and even the subject of a classic 1992 video game — Wolfenstein 3D — in which an American hero works to save it from the clutches of a zombified Reich.

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