Trump: Obama ‘very inconsiderate’ for booking fundraiser alongside Rockefeller tree-lighting

J. Arthur Bloom Deputy Editor
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New Yorkers are in for the mother of all traffic nightmares Wednesday night, when the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree-lighting coincides with a Barack Obama fundraiser just a few blocks away. The double-booking has drawn criticism from area business leaders, Republican Party officials and now business mogul Donald Trump, who attacked the president’s decision in a YouTube video on Tuesday.

The video, titled “Inconsiderate Obama,” is one of more than fifty brief spots that show Trump pontificating from his desk chair.

“We have a problem,” Trump said in the short video. “We have a president that doesn’t give a damn about inconveniencing people. And I want to talk about inconvenience. You will never see a mess like this tomorrow night. President Obama is holding a fundraiser, another of his fundraisers, hundreds of them. Every day he’s holding fundraisers. He doesn’t govern, all he does is raise money so he can try and get reelected, so he can put the country further in the hole. So he’s having a fundraiser right near Rockefeller Center, where thousands of people are coming to see the tree light up. Isn’t that a shame?”

Trump went on to describe the possible scene Wednesday night as the president’s parties collide with the illumination of a 74-foot Norway spruce and performances by Justin Beiber, Cee Lo Green and Tony Bennett.

“The streets are going to be closed — everything’s going to be closed because of his security. Let me tell you, this president is a much different person than people know. He’s a very inconsiderate guy.”

“Stop with the fundraisers and start running the country,” Trump added, addressing Obama directly, “because you’re doing one hell of a lousy job.”

The president will attend a fundraiser on Wednesday hosted by New York City gay and lesbian organizations, and then attend a reception for his early supporters.


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