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The world is without question a dangerous place, especially for nations that thrive on freedom. Just ask any American who pays attention to world affairs.

In Washington, D.C., John Lenczowski is the tip of an unusual spear — the founding president of a unique school that trains leaders in the ethical conduct of national security, intelligence and international affairs. The Institute of World Politics promotes the virtues of Western Civilization and liberty in the face of forces, movements and nations that work to destroy it.

IWP’s advocacy is thoughtful, effective and passionate. And Lenczowski’s defense of freedom is the hand-dirtying kind. Fans of Robert Ludlum, Vince Flynn or Tom Clancy novels, and those who enjoy Washington’s International Spy Museum will appreciate the IWP.

The son of Polish immigrants, Lenczowski was part of the National Security Council during the Reagan administration. His decades of learning, teaching, writing and practicing national leadership on the front lines have given him an unusually deep understanding of the evil forces aligned against America. And he works in an ethical and moral way to push back.

Speaking with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas last week, he discussed America’s founding, our allies and adversaries, and what ordinary citizens can do to preserve the best parts of our nation.

Is the notion of “America” under attack?

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How can America’s core be strengthened?

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Who are America’s Islamist adversaries?

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Who are America’s other adversaries? (China, Iran, totalitarians)

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Is there new confusion about America’s allies?

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What gives you hope?

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Tell us your personal history and why you started the Institute for World Politics

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