Paul Ryan to endorse in GOP primaries, help replace ‘timid’ congressmen with ‘bold conservatives’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan says he’s on a mission to help elect “more conservatives in Congress to save the country” and plans to endorse in congressional races where there are “clear cut cases between reformers and career people.”

“We’re going to try to get behind people who are coming here to save the country and fight for limited government and economic freedom,” Ryan said in an interview with The Daily Caller about his political action committee, Prosperity PAC.

In a memo obtained by TheDC, the Wisconsin congressman plans to ask supporters to donate to his Prosperity PAC to help elect members of Congress “who aren’t afraid to make the tough, but necessary, decisions to secure our fiscal future, and, when necessary.”

“We need to replace timid Members of Congress with bold conservatives who know what needs to be done,” Paul writes in the memo.

Ryan, whose PAC is also used to defend his “Plan to Prosperity” budget plan, also said his donations will be used to “fight Democrats’ lies and demagoguery with the facts.”

“Our long-term fiscal problem is clear: Medicare and Medicaid spending is driving the U.S. further into debt and toward the most predictable economic collapse in our nation’s history,” Ryan says in the memo. “Unless action is taken now, these critical safety nets will no longer exist for those who need them most.”

The House budget chairman wouldn’t say how much money he hopes to raise for his Prosperity PAC.

“I don’t have that figure,” he told TheDC. “I don’t have a set budget or anything like that. The idea is just to get activists educated, motivated and to help send more men and women to Congress who are coming for a cause and not a career,” he said.


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