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Questlove is on late-night probation or something

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Questlove of The Roots never has apologized to Michele Bachmann for playing “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” by Fishbone as she walked onto the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon stage. While he’s managed to hang onto his job, it hasn’t been without consequences. NY Post:

Questlove has been ordered to have his song choices approved by NBC honchos… Talking to Rolling Stone before the incident, Questlove admitted he was planning the number. “I’m gunning for Bachmann,” he said. “I want to try and do Fishbone’s ‘Lyin’ Ass Bitch.’ I just don’t know if I’m going to tell Jimmy…” While Bachmann didn’t object on camera, the lyrical diss caused a huge stir and NBC had to apologize. Questlove tells the magazine he was awakened by a 9 a.m. call the next morning summoning him to 30 Rock, where he was told he must clear every song with three different NBC execs, and he was forbidden to tweet about the incident.

Which is probably sufficient. It’s not like he called her a “nappy headed ho” or something.

P.S. John Nolte points out that originally, Questlove claimed it was a spur of the moment decision. But he told Rolling Stone he was going to do it. Which makes Questlove a lyin’ ass bitch.

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