Buddy Roemer to pay $400 for haircut in New Hampshire

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer will pay $400 to get his hair cut for charity in New Hampshire on Wednesday, The Daily Caller has learned.

“Our goal is to be bring attention to the candidate and also to autism,” said David Holden, the owner of the Hair Biz Salon, who has invited all the Republican presidential candidates to drop by for a cut.

Roemer is the former governor of Lousisiana.

The money will fund research at the Autism Society of America, he said.

Holden, whose son has autism, invited several candidates to his Concord business for haircuts in 2008 after much was made of a $400 cut that appeared on the spending reports of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards.

A spokesman for Roemer’s campaign, Carlos Sierra, said in an email that Roemer has also “invited all the candidates… to help out as well, but no one has accepted.”

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