Final countdown to Iowa

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Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and current frontrunner is positioned to win the Hawkeye state. Rasmussen has Romney leading the GOP presidential primary candidate pool in Iowa by 2 percentage points ahead of Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican. At the moment, Romney is ahead of his nearest competitor by double digits in New Hampshire. The Romney campaign, which is looking to convince conservatives within the GOP that Mr. Romney follows a Reaganesque philosophy. new ad titled “American Optimism”which is playing on New Hampshire’s airwaves. Only he and Congressman Paul managed to make it on to the Virginia ballot–a testament to being a presidential candidate in 2008.

Despite some speculation that the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is so damaged from attack ads via a pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, that he may not be able to organize his campaign towards states where he is more viable, according to the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Gingrich has said he will stay in the race no matter how he does in the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday.

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