Paul campaign volunteers in NH forced to sign nondisclosure agreements

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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NASHUA, N.H. — Ron Paul’s presidential campaign makes some of its volunteers, or “interns,” sign nondisclosure forms and instructs them not talk to the press, The Daily Caller has learned.

On Friday, TheDC went looking for some of the hundreds of Paul supporters who turned out to hear the Texas Congressman speak at an airplane hanger, only to find that an overwhelming majority approached by TheDC were from out of state. Many were unwilling to talk. Some said they refused because the campaign asked them not to engage in conversations with members of the media.

When TheDC asked one group of out-of-state volunteers whether they were required to sign a nondisclosure agreement, one initially said yes — before backtracking and saying that they were politely asked by the campaign to not to talk to the press.

Another volunteer in the state, one whose housing the Paul campaign is providing, confirmed that he was required to sign a printed nondisclosure agreement.

When asked if it was true that volunteers brought into the state are asked to sign such agreements, Paul New Hampshire spokesperson Brian Early deferred the question to Jesse Benton, the campaign’s national press secretary.

Benton confirmed to TheDC that “interns” had to sign a nondisclosure agreement “because we have proprietary technology.”

He couldn’t say precisely how many such “interns” the campaign had brought in to the state. (RELATED: Full coverage of Ron Paul)

“I couldn’t say exactly but we we’ve got some good numbers,” he said.

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