Pelosi: High unemployment due to ‘failed’ economic policies of Bush [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said former President George W. Bush’s “failed” policies are responsible for the current state of America’s economy. The unemployment rate is currently 8.5 percent.

“So if you don’t think that this is a different time, take a ride outside of Washington, D.C. See what the public mood is. See what the need is for us to — to create these jobs, not only to do what they say in the legislation but what it engenders in terms of confidence in people, hiring by businesses and injecting demand into the economy,” said Pelosi at the Capitol on Friday.

“I simply will not have us engage in a this, that, last August, 10 years ago. This is about here and now, and the highly unusual circumstance that we are in because the Republican failed policies, economic policies, of President George Bush took us to a financial meltdown, took us into near-depression, took us into deep deficits that we still have to deal with. Are they just too tired to come to work? I hope not.”

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