TheDC Top Ten: Keith Olbermann, sir, hates his bald critics [SLIDESHOW]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor

Keith Olbermann is currently engaged in a battle with his employers at Current TV. But through his Twitter account, the former MSNBC liberal talking-head has also declared war on baldness.

It turns out one of Olbermann’s favorite pastimes is tweeting insults at his critics. His favorite diatribe of choice? Ragging on people for their bald heads, wigs and hairpieces.

Forbes columnist Jeff Bercovici noticed that when Olbermann is faced with criticism, his favorite comeback is to remark on the hairstyle — or lack there of — of his accuser.

For example:


The Daily Caller reached out to some victims of Olbermann’s weak attacks to see if they were offended. They replied:

@KevinCerino Nope, thinning hair doesn’t mean thin-skinned.

@marcbush21 he still workin?

@tommyxtopher I’m a little offended that you asked me. I’m hangin’ in there in the hair dept. But yes, I think it’s cheap, but he makes a lot of cheap attacks on people’s physical traits, and it cheapens him.

@AriDavidUSA Olby is clearly projecting “Joe the Plummer” [sic] hatred on all of his political adversaries

To honor Olbermann’s weird prejudice, TheDC picked the top ten Republicans whom Keith Olbermann probably hates for no real reason other than their chrome-domes.

It’s time to put on your Whigs, raise your smart phones and ready your Twitter trigger — this is going to get hairy.

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Twitter images courtesy of Forbes