Rand Paul alludes to his own future presidential aspirations

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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CONCORD, N.H. – While campaigning for his father in New Hampshire, Sen. Rand Paul declined to directly address his own presidential aspirations, but suggested that a future run for national office could be in the cards.

“I am interested in the national debate … I am interested in long range goals of changing the country…” the younger Paul said when asked about his presidential aspirations at a sit-down hosted by the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy.

One of the ways to see those changes through, he said, was “running for national office.”

“You do that by appearing in the media, speaking to groups around the country, running for national office, or even serving in the Senate. I think it’s a great honor to serve in the Senate, he said.”

At a pub crawl for Ron Paul supporters Friday night, some suggested that son Rand’s political aspirations could make a third party run by his father unlikely, because it could damage Rand’s chances. Rand said Saturday that he felt a third party run by his father was unlikely.

“I can’t speak for my father on that, other than to say what he’s been saying, which is no plans to do it,” he said. His own opinion, he added, is that the tea party and libertarians “can do more inside the party than outside the party.”

Asked if he would vote for his father if the Texas congressman were to run as third party candidate, Rand gulped and said, “Don’t go there,” but added that he had always supported his father and would continue to do so.

At the moment, he said, the focus should be on his father’s campaign in the Republican primary.

“Well I think that we’ve got to do first things first, and first things first is, I’m here trying to help my dad.”

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