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Occupy DC full of rats (as well as rodents)

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Notice how we’ve been hearing less and less in the news about how great the Occupy movement is? It’s a lot easier to make predictions of terrifying violence that never happens, as they did with the Tea Party, than it is to cover up an actual crime spree, as they’ve given up trying to do with the Occupy movement.

Plus, Occupiers are disgusting dirtbags. Which is fine if they want to live that way in their own homes, or their parents’ homes, or whichever place will have them. But it’s quite another thing when they turn public parks into squalid landfills. WaPo:

The rat population around the two Occupy D.C. camps at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza has “exploded” since protesters began their vigil in October, according to Mohammad N. Akhter, the director of the District’s Department of Health.

Akhter said in an interview Monday that city health inspectors have seen rats running openly through both camps and spotted numerous new burrows and nests underneath hay-stuffed pallets occupiers are using for beds. Both campsites had working kitchens for weeks until last week, but protesters at McPherson Square voluntarily closed down theirs after health inspectors pointed out unsanitary conditions during an informal monitoring visit…

The National Park Service has official jurisdiction over the two camps and will make the final decision whether to evict protesters. But Akhter said he will advise the federal government to close the camps if sanitation conditions warrant doing so. He also said he would unilaterally move to evacuate the camps if there were a blizzard or severe winter storm.

Akhter, who is originally from Pakistan and has worked for the District government for over 20 years, said that the situation in the two parks is reminiscent of refu­gee camps he has toured overseas in the Middle East and Africa during his public health career.

With one important difference: These geniuses are living like this voluntarily. On federal land.

Well, at least we get to see what America would look like if these guys took over:


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