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Hostage to Forbes: Sticking with my Jan. 9 Ricochet prediction that the Bain-bashing anti-Romney ads will work in South Carolina.  … I’ve been wrong before! But so far Romney appears to have dropped a non-trivial increment in the S.C.  polls. … And this sort of story can’t be good publicity [via @joshtpm]. … P.S.: There’s an overcaffeinated Twitter debate with Rubin on this subject here. … P.P.S.: A wildly unpersuasive Politico piece arguing that “Bain attacks may not stick in S.C.” can be found here. It’s a jumble, confusing the issue of whether the ads will work with whether they should work. Do the pros at Politico really need to be told that lots of ads that shouldn’t work, work? …

Mickey Kaus