Poll: 60% of college professors don’t rate Reagan among top 10 presidents

Adam Jablonowski Contributor
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A poll released on Friday revealed that a majority of college professors do not care much for former President Ronald Reagan, who would be celebrating his 101st birthday on Monday. The study asked educators to grade their top ten presidents. Sixty percent of the professors did not even include Reagan among those top ten, but that may come as little surprise — of the 284 professors surveyed, 57 percent identified themselves as “liberal” while only 16 percent self-identified as “conservative.”

Young America’s Foundation asked them to grade the last five American presidents and here are their report cards:

The study above shows that college professors are more than a bit left of center.

In 2011, Gallup conducted a poll that revealed Americans are most likely to say Ronald Reagan was the nation’s greatest president.  More than 19 percent of the public rated him as their top choice.

President Reagan received a C+ on average while President George W. Bush received a D, signifying just how much the left still regards our 43rd president.

“It should be no surprise that college professors — even after a full year of celebrating President Reagan’s 100th birthday— still don’t like America’s favorite president,” Ron Meyer, programs officer at Young America’s Foundation, told The Daily Caller. “President Reagan’s accomplishments are standing the test of time, yet professors remain content revising history to their own liking. Professors give President Reagan a C+, but how would America grade college professors? Academia is drastically out of touch with reality and society, and Americans won’t continue to put up with it much longer. ”

There was, however, one unexpected result for college professors: They rated Reagan more successful than President Obama by a two percent margin. Sixty-one percent of college professors rated Reagan’s Presidency as “mostly a success,” while 59 percent view Obama’s presidency the same.

Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Chairman Frank Donatelli said, “The leftist tilt of college professors is well known,” said Reagan Ranch Board of Governors Chairman Frank Donatelli in a statement released by Young America’s Foundation. “However, the fact that President Reagan is now viewed as ‘successful’ by 61 percent of this group is testament to the lasting accomplishments of our 40th president. The exceptional work of Young America’s Foundation in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth has been important in educating all Americans about President Reagan’s accomplishments.”

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