19 kids and … blackmail?

Alex Myers Contributor
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Don’t the Duggars have enough to worry about?

An Iowa woman was charged with extortion in an attempt to persuade TLC to cancel the show “19 Kids and Counting,” featuring the Duggar family, in exchange for not revealing an intimate photo of dad Jim Bob Duggar’s niece, The Huffington Post reported. The defendant allegedly also said she would accept a $10,000 payment.

Teresa Hunt was arrested on February 1 after she allegedly sent a letter to Discovery Communications Inc, a parent of TLC, with the demand for the cancellation of the show.

The letter was sent in January and it described the  professional relationship Hunt has with a 56-year-old musician who, according to Hunt, had an affair with a cast member identified as Amy Duggar.

HuffPo wrote that Hunt allegedly said she doesn’t like the musician and that she is willing to “settle for $10,000” because she has no reason to hurt the cast member.

The only problem she said she has with her is that “She’s on a reality show and pretends to be a right-wing Christian and she’s sleeping with a 56-year-old man.”

Fox News reported that the Duggar accused of sleeping with this man said, “It’s totally untrue. James is a long-time family friend who has always been supportive of my music career. He’s a good Christian and it’s upsetting that his generosity has been exploited like this.”

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