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Apparently I’m not allowed to have no opinion about Clint Eastwood’s dumb commercial

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In case you’ve been in Papua New Guinea or someplace and haven’t seen it yet:


Yeah, there’s been plenty of roaring, alright. I don’t really share the outrage, though. The only thing about the ad that’s really bugging me? The mixed metaphors. It’s halftime, so when we get punched, we just get back up and rev our engines. Really, Clint?

As for cheerleading the bailout after he spoke out against it — from “If a CEO can’t figure out how to make his company profitable, then he shouldn’t be the CEO” to “We all pulled together” — I guess Clint deserves the hits he’s taking. I don’t really see it as somehow pro-Obama, although I guess these days everything either is or isn’t.

There’s one other thing that bugs me about the whole mess. Clint says his paycheck went to charity. Guess what? So did yours and mine. Difference is, Clint got to choose his.

You’d think he’d have been better prepared for the backlash. Doesn’t he remember what happened the last time he tried to stand up for the people of Detroit?


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Jim Treacher