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What Can(‘t) Brown Do For You?

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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I realized a day or so after it happened that I had been stabbed in the back.

I guess it didn’t set in right away because like all stabbings from a politician, it took a while for the pain to set.

It started with an article in the Boston Globe in which Senator Scott Brown, the great white hype – small “c” conservative from Massachusetts showed his true colors by turning his back on those that put him in office.  Actually, it wasn’t just turning his back, it was a full on power slide in his Ford pickup.  He stepped on the gas and sped away, leaving behind nothing but an article, a letter, and a promise to the anti Civil Rights Mayor of Boston; Tom “Mumbles” Menino.

In his letter, the good senator spewed hyperbole straight out of the MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) playbook (like guns could be illegal).  He chose to “get out in front” of legislation which didn’t even have a bill # yet, and had yet to be passed through the House, yet here he was, writing to the MAIG brain trust, promising to take a stand against violence, and for “state’s rights” stating that he would vote against the NRA’s National Reciprocity Act, which would allow for any state’s license to carry be recognized in every state, just like a drivers license.

Who knew, states have rights?  I surely didn’t.

With clear disdain for truth and sanity, he wrote in his letter fears about the public safety of MA residents, should law abiding gun owners from other states be allowed to continue to be law abiding gun owners if they were to bring their firearms into Massachusetts.  Follow the lack of logic there?  He’s worried that crime will go up if law abiding citizens from other states carry their permitted concealed weapons with them while in state.  Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary from small time operations like… the FBI, in which they state emphatically that more guns = less crime he still chose the side of the spin doctors, the MAIG and Stop Handgun Violence.

What about the bad guys you say?  Yes, the ones that have the weapons, that are committing the crime, how will this new law, if passed, affect them?  Simple answer, it won’t.  Criminals do not pay attention to the law, no matter how many are written, no matter the penalty, that’s what makes them criminals.  Crime will continue, maybe even increase here in MA, enabled by the MAIG and senators like Mr. Brown, for what they don’t recognize is the plain truth, when you disable the law abiding from protecting themselves, violent crime goes up.

It’s pretty clear why Senator Brown chose this route, he wishes to be re-elected.  With that said, I would like to remind the good senator of one thing.  When he was elected in 2009 he had the full support of the 250K+ gun owners’ of Massachusetts.  We stood through snowstorms for him, shouted down union thugs, and fought “the machine”.  The victory was had by the slimmest of margins, just over 100K votes, and we rejoiced, finally we had someone on our side, that was going to represent us in Washington DC.

Just over 2 years later, here we are, still in the cold, this time though, we’re not happy about it, for the cold is not literal.  Who would have guessed that Senator Brown was a gambler?  That is exactly what he did; taking a giant gamble that turning his back on those that so vociferously supported him could be supplanted by independent voters who lean more to the left than his traditional supporters.  Whether or not the strategy will work, only time will tell, one thing is for certain though; neither this gun owner, nor any of his friends will be standing out in the snow for Senator Brown.  It seems that the truck was traded in for a limo, and that doesn’t sit right with us.