Does Alec Baldwin have a secret Twitter account?

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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It all started because of Words With Friends. Who knew the mobile word game could cause so much controversy?

Along with being a fan of the game, Alec Baldwin is a prolific tweeter, and he uses the social media site to spout off his opinions from acting to politics. Love him or hate him, Baldwin has been an entertaining Twitter presence since its inception.

But in December, the “30 Rock” actor made a high-profile departure from Twitter after an incident on an American Airlines flight. As the plane was ready for takeoff, Baldwin was reportedly asked several times to turn off his cell phone, but he kept playing Words With Friends.

Baldwin tweeted throughout the incident about the injustice of it all, and was eventually kicked off the flight. That night, Baldwin made an exodus from Twitter and vowed to start over. (RELATED: Alec Baldwin tossed by American Airlines captain)

But a new theory suggests that Baldwin is harboring a secret Twitter account that he used while his official account was deactivated.

According to right-wing blogger Sooper Mexican, Baldwin tweeted under the alias “@VictoriaNavel” in defense of Baldwin himself, as well as the Obama administration. Baldwin is as well-known for his liberal politics as his bombastic nature. The actor frequently tweets about his support for President Obama, and his displeasure with the GOP candidates.

The conspiracy theory relies on the following evidence: The alias Twitter handle was created on Dec. 6, the same day that Baldwin deactivated his official account; the new Twitter handle mocked anyone who mentioned Baldwin’s name; and the new Twitter handle has similarities to Baldwin’s followers, including his girlfriend.

One month after Baldwin’s social media exit, he rejoined the site and the alleged alias stopped tweeting. (RELATED: Everyone rejoice! Alec Baldwin is back on Twitter)

When contacted by The Daily Caller, Baldwin’s publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, emailed, “The report is untrue. The conclusion is ludicrous.”

For his part, Sooper Mexican responded to the rep’s dismissal of the theory: “Given the preponderance of the evidence, I think the burden lies on Alec to explain why such an account could be anyone other than him. It’s preposterous to claim it is ludicrous.”

Finally, in response to Sooper Mexican’s allegations, @VictoriaNavel, whoever he/she may be, tweeted Wednesday: “@SooperMexican is a walking erectile dysfunction.”

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