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Gear Test: Redhead for Her camo turkey vest is a keeper

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Last year, my pal Larry Whiteley at Bass Pro Shops gifted me with a new turkey vest. Larry knows I struggle enough as it is in the turkey woods, trying not to sound like the biggest loser librarian of a hen that none of the big boys, aka toms, want to visit. So, he took pity on me and sent me a vest that I could sit in for hours at a time, comfortably. And believe me, I did. Last season, I spent at least 18 turkey days in the woods — to no avail. On three occasions, I had toms coming toward me, but when they got close, they ran away. And then, Marti Davis and I tried for three days at the close of the season, but by then, the toms were already hen-pecked. And we almost got struck by lightning, but that’s another blogpost.

Tip for the day: While racing back from the woods to the tractor shed, never carry your shotgun with barrel up in a thunderstorm.

The reason I griped about my old vest from Bass Pro Shops (thanks, again, Larry) was because it didn’t fit right! The smallest size available, it still knocked me mid-thigh and bunched up under my shotgun. Truth be told, I still took a 27-pounder while sitting under a tree in the rain (and again, dang it, another storm blew in). But, when I shouldered my Remington 870, that vest bunched up. Luckily, the tom ran in at about 15 yards, so how could I not hit it?

Anyway, Larry said he thought I’d like this one and I don’t. I LOVE it. You do become one with your vest during turkey season. Your vest is like a toolbox of sorts. This one featured many, many pockets. I don’t have it here, or I’d count them for you. But, enough to even stuff a water bottle into the inside one. Striker pockets and a box call pocket combine with all those other pockets in a downsized lady’s fit. The straps work well, too, as they are not only padded, but adjustable. And, it comes in two of the most popular camos out there: Realtree APG and Mossy Oak Obsession.

The most important aspect of this design? The seat! The seat works well, and I took a few naps reclined in it, if that tells you anything. It is supportive and flexible at the same time, and quick to fold up when I needed to move and move fast. (Not that it made any difference. I usually bump turkeys when I move toward them.)

And the price? Still $69.99. A deal.

Visit Bass Pro Shops online to order one before turkey season this year!

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