Adele vows to sue over ‘false’ sex tape claims

taylorbigler Contributor

Rumor had it that a sex tape featuring Adele would be released today. However, the Grammy winner’s lawyers have dismissed the claims as “untrue” and are threatening legal action against those who purported to be privy to the tape.

French paparazzo Jean-Claude Elfassi claimed on Twitter yesterday to have a copy of the alleged tape, which he said was released by an ex for revenge, and teased that he would broadcast it today. However, the links in the Twitter message are not currently working.

Meanwhile, the French tabloid Public splashed the words, “Exclusive! Adele sex tape! Her ex’s revenge!” on its cover, along with an image allegedly taken from the tape. The magazine reportedly ran three pages of stills from the tape, calling them “very risque” and “shocking.” According to the magazine, the tape revealed the singer “in the back seat of her car.

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