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David Brock explains it all

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For over a week, everyone at Media Matters has refused to respond to any of TheDC’s stories about them. One request for comment after another has been ignored.

Today, Media Matters founder David Brock finally broke his silence and set the record straight:

Hope that clears things up!

That’s right, libs: David Brock isn’t hiding, he’s just refusing to dignify such nonsense with an answer. Because that’s how Media Matters “corrects conservative misinformation.” They take it head-on… by running inside and closing the door.

Let’s be fair, though. Brock can’t stay out in the open for too long. He has to watch out for snipers.

P.S. David Brock does some more correcting of conservative misinformation by refusing to correct conservative misinformation.

(Hat tip: Kerry Picket, via Vince Coglianese)