Scarborough on GOP presidential chances: ‘It’s over. Let’s go to Barbados’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his MSNBC program “Morning Joe” on Monday, host Joe Scarborough admitted that he is not optimistic about the Republican Party’s choices going into the presidential election.

Scarborough went through the list the four remaining candidates — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Texas Rep. Ron Paul — downplaying their chances of winning the presidency.

“So now Republicans have basically three choices,” Scarborough said. “They can vote for a guy that basically drafted ObamaCare — something that they have campaigned against for three years; a guy that wants to debate about contraceptives; or Newt Gingrich, who is Newt Gingrich. And that’s all I got to say. And then there’s Ron Paul, who maybe should just run as an independent — don’t want to help hurricane victims.”

And that, according to the former Florida congressman, is why the contest is effectively over.

“Can we just turn the lights off?” Scarborough said. “It’s over. Let’s go to Barbados. Can you believe that Republicans are left with these choices?”

Scarborough’s co-host, Willie Geist, went on to dismiss the possibility of another option coming, particularly after Romney’s win in the Michigan primary.

“The white knight scenario is over,” Geist said. “Can we agree on that one? The white knight is not coming It’s over. Didn’t we decide that after Michigan?”

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