British woman falls in love with Lady Liberty [VIDEO]

Alex Myers Contributor
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New York City’s Statue of Liberty steals the hearts of millions upon their visit to Ellis Island. But now one woman claims to have actually fallen in love with statue, according to the Huffington Post.

Amanda Whittaker, a 27-year-old British woman who likes to be referred to as Amanda Liberty, suffers from a rare condition called objectum sexuality, which causes her to feel emotionally and sometimes sexually toward inanimate objects.

She first realized her unusual attraction when she had a “love affair” at 13 with a drum kit her parents gave her.

Whittaker has visited her lover in NY four times and said on “This Morning,” a British daytime talk show, that she just wants to be able to sit next to Lady Liberty, put her arm around her and watch the sunset together.

She also has a Statue of Liberty, or as she calls her “Libby,” shrine in her bedroom. “I’ve got my own statues at home that I can connect with,” she said, “but it’s obviously not the same as being in New York.”

Of course, the big question for the talk show hosts was whether or not there was a sexual attraction, to which Whittaker responded that there was, but it was only a small part.

“A lot of the part is how she makes me feel and what she’s done for me … she makes me feel really good,” she said.

After trying to be with a man for two years, Whittaker said that she had to follow her heart – and her heart led to Lady Liberty.


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