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1.)  Soledad O’Brien prolongs her humiliation — After getting utterly humiliated like perhaps no host in the history of cable news last week by editor-in-chief Joel Pollak, CNN”s Soledad O’Brien sought to defend her definition of Critical Race Theory by bringing a law professor on her show Monday to validate her position. The professor did that on the air, but unfortunately for O’Brien (and the professor) there’s this thing called the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, it wasn’t too hard to track down the professor’s book on CRT, which actually seems to validate Pollak’s view, TheDC’s Jim Treacher reports:

“Soledad invited Emory University professor Dorothy Brown to talk about Critical Race Theory because she’s written about it: Fighting Racism in the Twenty-First Century. Here’s an excerpt, courtesy of Rightsphere:  ‘Although CRT does not employ a single methodology, it seeks to highlight the ways in which the law is not neutral and objective, but designed to support White supremacy and the subordination of people of color.’ Which I’m pretty sure was Joel Pollak’s definition as well. The one Soledad kept sputtering about, to stall for time while her intern Googled it. And yet this morning, Brown said CRT had nothing to do with that stuff.”

Just like it wouldn’t be wise for Andy Dick to get into too many street fights, Soledad O’Brien probably shouldn’t be embroiling herself in too many debates. Some people are just built to be teleprompter readers.

2.) Casey to Santorum: You’re welcome One of the Rick Santorum’s nagging negatives is that he lost his re-election bid to the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania by 18 points in 2006 to Sen. Bob Casey. But Casey told TheDC’s Nicholas Ballasy that he may have actually done Santorum a favor:

“Democratic Senator Bob Casey, who defeated Rick Santorum’s in Pennsylvania’s 2006 Senate election, told The Daily Caller that losing his Senate seat might have actually helped Santorum in his current presidential bid. ‘I think that sometimes when you’re not in office in the Senate and you want to run for president, you’re able to spend more time traveling the country or campaigning, when you’re not tied down to Washington and to the work of the Senate,’ Casey told TheDC.”

Reports indicate that Mitt Romney hopes to deliver a similar favor to Santorum in the GOP primary.

3.) The tea party’s got the GOP’s back —  Though there have been threats that tea partiers won’t come out and support the GOP nominee if this candidate or that candidate is nominated, author and tea party scholar Elizabeth Price Foley tells TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein (ME!) that “they will turn up in droves” no matter who the GOP nominates:

“What’s more, says Foley, is that tea partiers will ultimately rally behind whomever the GOP nominee turns out to be. ‘And frankly, I think many tea partiers are eager to pull the lever in favor of the Republican presidential nominee — whoever that turns out to be — simply because, from their perspective, that person’s policies will be clearly preferable to those of President Obama,’ she said.”

4.) Matt Labash, dog-whispererA giant among dwarfs, TheDC’s Matt Labash comes out staunchly in favor of dog-owners:

“I’m not actually convinced that children are for everybody, however, since kids do tend to be a little more high-maintenance, not to mention expensive. But it’s one of my staunchest beliefs that everyone should have a dog. If you don’t have a dog, chances are you have no moral center, fail to enjoy enjoyment, and likely hate yourself (and who could blame you, since you don’t have a dog).”

5.) Poll of the day: Alabama primary goes down to the wire — RealClearPolitics polling average of Alabama GOP presidential primary: Mitt Romney 27%, Newt Gingrich 26.8%, Rick Santorum 24%, Ron Paul 6.7%. The primary takes place today.

6.) BIRTHDAYS! —  Science fiction writer and founder of Scientology, the late L. Ron Hubbard, turns 101 (hat tip: Xenu) … The late, great Israeli warrior and hero of the Entebbe raid Yoni Netanyahu, who is the brother of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, turns 66 … Inimitable Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer turns 62 .. JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon turns 56.

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