Planned Parenthood exec. arrested for indecent exposure apologizes, takes leave of absence

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The Lubbock Planned Parenthood CEO arrested Monday for indecent exposure at a local park has apologized for his actions and announced his leave of absence.

“I deeply regret creating a situation in my personal life that potentially creates a distraction from these goals, and I apologize to the people in the Lubbock community for the incident,” Tony Thornton said in a Wednesday statement.

“I will work with my attorney through the appropriate court process to correct any misinformation and take responsibility for errors,” he added.

Thornton was arrested at a baseball field inside Lubbock’s Mackenzie Park at 3:25 Monday afternoon after allegedly exposing himself. He was booked at the Lubbock County Detention Center and released Tuesday morning at 11:05 after posting a bond of $750, Lubbock’s KCBD NewsChannel 11 reported.

“Due to developments in recent months and in light of the recent incident, my Board and I have agreed to an immediate leave of absence and they have appointed an interim CEO, Tara Haskell. I am grateful to Tara for her leadership, and to all women’s health supporters who continue to focus on the urgent need to ensure that women, men and teens in Lubbock have access to high quality essential health care,” he said.

According to the Texas penal code, indecent exposure is a Class B misdemeanor.

“A person commits an offense if he exposes his anus or any part of his genitals with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, and he is reckless about whether another is present who will be offended or alarmed by his act,” the law reads.

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