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Did you know there’s a show called Oprah’s Lifeclass?

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You might not, considering it’s on the Oprah Winfrey Network. None of the headlines about Oprah have been very good lately, but that’s no reason for her to stop telling you what to do. This “lifeclass” is presumably some sort of class where she tells you what life is. What did you expect? That’s her whole gig.

It’s going to be broadcast live tonight from St. Louis, and here’s what’s on the agenda:

Making peace with the past; finding loving relationships; the ultimate lesson plan.

Is there an Oprah episode that this doesn’t describe? I notice there’s one topic she doesn’t plan to tackle: How to start a cable network named after yourself and get people to watch it.

And now, for no particular reason except that I don’t like you, here’s a picture of Rosie O’Donnell in bondage gear:

Don’t you miss the ’90s? Me neither.

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