A sign you don’t want to see

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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No New Concepts! This is not a sign you want to see in your neighborhood (even if you believe, as I do, in government efforts to prevent residential segregation by income level). The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development has left a decades-long swath of urban destruction in its wake. It has been hampered, in part, by the peculiar disabilities legalistic liberals have imposed on government agencies they claim to support–including a relative inability to get rid of bad tenants without special court-enforced procedural rights (on the grounds that a government benefit is “property” under the Constitution).  If a farsighted liberal President were looking for a way to cut back government bureaucracy to a sustainable level, this “mid-sized” agency (9,000 employees) would be a good place to start. … P.S.: Here is the personnel directory for just HUD’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.. Each job sounds more essential than the last! …

Mickey Kaus