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Latest ABC News scoop on George Zimmerman: It doesn’t matter that their previous two scoops contradict each other

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Yesterday I told you about the “exclusive” video from ABC’s Matt Gutman, showing lacerations on the back of George Zimmerman’s head. One problem: this report directly contradicted Gutman’s report from just a few days earlier, declaring that there were no signs of injury. Gutman publicly questioned our own Matt Boyle about Boyle’s story contradicting the ABC report, and then Gutman reversed himself a few days later without noting the reversal or crediting the Daily Caller (or blaming us, as the case may be).

Gutman is active on Twitter, and he responded to me there about this. Here’s our conversation:








I haven’t heard back from him. So here’s the progression of the story:

  1. Zimmerman wasn’t injured, like he claimed he was!
  2. Oh wait, okay, looks like Zimmerman was injured. Like he claimed he was.
  3. Or maybe not.
  4. You know what? It really doesn’t matter either way.

If this doesn’t seem right to you, shut up.

As for Gutman not taking sides, the lovely and talented blogger Sister Toldjah isn’t buying it. She’s been cataloging Gutman’s public statements on the case, again on Twitter. Here’s just one:


That’s right: Way back on March 13, Matt Gutman of ABC News publicly declared that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin because he was black.

See Sister Toldjah for more evidence of Gutman “not taking sides.” I sure would hate to see where he goes when he does take sides on a case.

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