New prosecutor to take over 2008 election fraud case

Alex Myers Contributor
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A day after bringing charges against Democratic officials for forging names on petitions for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2008, prosecutor Mike Dvorak has withdrawn from the case.

According to Fox News, Dvorak’s name was allegedly faked on one of the petitions and he may be called as a witness. As a prosecutor for Indiana’s St. Joseph County, under law he cannot try a case in which he is a witness.

His office announced Tuesday that Stanley Levco will take over.

The individuals accused of forgery include Democratic country chairman Butch Morgan, Democratic Voter Registration Board Supervisor Pam Brunette, Democratic Board worker Beverly Shelton and Democratic worker Dustin Blythe.

Morgan is accused of being the mastermind behind the forgery operation.

Investigators found forgeries on 22 Obama and Clinton petitions, each including ten names. Voters told Fox that petitions with their names had never been in their possession.

One Democratic worker spoke out about the forgery, saying he was ordered to do it.

Lucas Burkett told prosecutors that he was told to forge petitions for Obama to put him on the primary ballot and that he had to forge signatures himself.

He alleges that the scheme was carried out inside the St. Joseph County Democratic Party headquarters.

Burkett’s lawyer is calling him a hero for coming clean. “[He] is the whistleblower in this,” attorney Andrew B. Jones said. “He is someone who stood up for good government, and has cooperated with the state police and will continue to do so.”

Indiana State Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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