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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Mark Steyn

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An immigrant to the U.S. from Canada, Mark Steyn has become one of America’s sharpest conservative commentators.

A bestselling author and a columnist for National Review Online, Steyn is also a popular guest host of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, a regular on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and a visiting fellow at Hillsdale College.

As funny as he is erudite, Steyn has been referred to as “the right’s Jon Stewart.” Indeed, someone once told Steyn he had actually created his own political genre: “apocalyptic standup.”

A student of history, politics, art and culture, Steyn effortlessly weaves these topics together to tell a story and make his point.

Last week, The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas talked to Steyn at Hillsdale College in Michigan. In the interview, Steyn discussed everything from America’s debt problem to the left’s effort to silence him and his view of Occupy Wall Street — and much more.

What have we learned from the Obama presidency?

How large is America’s debt?

How has the left tried to silence you?

What gives you hope?

Your thoughts on Occupy Wall Street protesters?

Tell us about America’s immigration form for friendly nations that you found.

Talk about your style of making people laugh at such grim facts.

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