Bill Press complains of right-wing bias in mainstream media [VIDEO]

Michelle Fields Contributor
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WASHINGTON — Liberal talk show radio host Bill Press spoke in Washington, D.C. about how liberals are “at a big disadvantage” when it comes to getting their message out because of the political “imbalance in the media today.”

Press explained that he believes the right-wing bias isn’t just on Fox News — thanks to philanthropists Charles and David Koch, he said, the bias is apparent everywhere.

“It’s not just Fox, which you might expect, right? It’s much bigger than that and it really is an organized campaign led in large part by a couple of men who until about a year ago were under the radar, operated under the radar. And I’m talking about Charles and David Koch. And they are everywhere.”

“We have to get the message out, the truth out to counter the lies from the other side. It’s tough to do when there is such an imbalance in the media today… Of 2,000 news talk stations in this country today, there are maybe 50 — I’ll be generous, 50 — that are progressive talk stations — 1,940 of them are all right-wing all the time. So they start off at a huge advantage and they also have Fox News. Now, we’ve got MSNBC and now we have Current TV, but MS[NBC] is not all-progressive all day long, and Current doesn’t even have a full day of programming — yet.”

Videography by Sarah Hofmann