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The George Zimmerman 911 scandal is now being called Editgate, and NBC News is acting accordingly

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Which is to say: sneaky.

If you need to catch up on this story, click here. And then check out the latest from Tom Maguire, who has been all over this:

NBC is busy taking down the evidence of its repeated usage of its bogus edit of the George Zimmerman 911 call…

Yesterday the discovery by Les Jones of two similar bad edits at NBC 6 Miami for stories from March 19 and March 20 were widely broadcast by the InstaPundit. As of this writing, those stories have been “fixed” by the web editors to eliminate the troublesome passages (and are marked as updated April 9; the specific update is unexplained)…

So, it seems to be a bit of a race – can NBC sweep this down the memory hole before the crowd notices?

Too late. Read the whole thing for details. As I just asked NBC Miami Today Executive Producer Tammy Delgado:

I included Brian Stelter at the NYT, since he’s the only one there who seems to be interested in this story. And why would they be? It’s interfering with the narrative.

Speaking of NBC’s sneakiness and dishonesty, they keep insisting that this unnamed producer who was allegedly fired for his or her “mistake,” and all the other NBC employees who “missed” it, just made a whoopsie. They didn’t mean anything by it, honest.

Just look how easy it is to make that “mistake”:

Well, okay. But that’s from the wingnut amateurs at PJTV. Whereas the unnamed NBC News producer who was allegedly fired over this was reportedly “seasoned.” So it’s much more likely that he or she could’ve made such an edit inadvertently, because we live on Bizarro World.

I’m glad NBC is handling this so poorly. It would be disappointing if they started being honest and professional.

Update: Speaking of media unprofessionalism, yet another news outlet is trying to cover up yet another aspect of the Trayvon Martin story that they’ve screwed up: NY Daily News whitewashes its Sanford neo-Nazi faux pas.

Update: A response to one of my questions yesterday to NBC Miami’s Christina Hernandez:

So now NBC Miami is blaming NBC News proper. Stay tuned.


Update: Anytime a scandal embarrasses liberals sufficiently, you can count on a grudging Jon Stewart admission that still finds a way to blame the people he doesn’t like. With, of course, yelling.