GM: Wait until our new models!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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The Verano will save them! ‘Wait until our new models come out!’ is something veteran observers of General Motors have heard before. They’re hearing it again, now that GM’s market share has fallen by almost two full points in the most recent quarter (to well below the “19% and change” share that’s supposedly the basis for the bailed-out company’s recovery plan). The drop comes despite GM’s apparent policy of “channel-stuffing“– counting as sales cars that are languishing on dealers’ lots–because they’ve been “sold” to the dealer, if not the actual customer. …

But what new models are going to save GM? The Buicks that are selling unimpressively? The Chevy Impala that already looks tired and won’t come out for a year? The redesigned Chevy Malibu, which has debuted to tepid reviews? The Cadillac ATS,  another dated styling job, whose development problems set off the tom-toms of doom? The cheaper rear-drive Code 130R would seem to have great potential, as well as the small Spark. But those are planned as niche market cars, no?

I’m not an automotive expert, but I don’t see the makings of a comeback in these products. I think GM is in trouble in the U.S.–as a domestic car manufacturer, if not a clandestine national security asset. … Of course, the trouble won’t become evident until the auto market takes a dip. Practically everyone’s sales are increasing in the current market. …  P.S.: This is not a contrarian view–it’s the wisdom of the crowd.