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Just think: If John Edwards was president, HE would’ve taken the bullet for THEM

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Howzabout that Secret Service, huh? I’ve been debating whether or not to make fun of them for Hookergate or whatever we’re calling it, since they’re pretty much the only people in the White House you can respect no matter the administration. They’re more than just a palace guard. They defend the very idea of democracy, even when the people they’re protecting don’t. They have an amazingly difficult job, and the stresses they’re under every single day must be unbelievable.

But geez louise:

CARTAGENA, Colombia (AP) — An embarrassing scandal involving prostitutes and Secret Service agents deepened Saturday as 11 agents were placed on leave, and the agency designed to protect President Barack Obama had to offer regret for the mess overshadowing his diplomatic mission to Latin America.

The controversy also expanded to the U.S. military, which announced five service members staying at the same hotel as the agents in Colombia may have been involved in misconduct as well. They were confined to their quarters in Colombia and ordered not to have contact with others…

The Secret Service did not disclose the nature of the misconduct. The Associated Press confirmed on Friday that it involved prostitutes.

Is it unusual for something like this to happen, or is it just unusual that somebody got caught?

A big part of the effectiveness of the Secret Service is deterrence. Secret Service agents are seen as so badass, so superhuman, that you’d have to be nuts to try to hurt the people they’re protecting. What does this do to that reputation? How are they supposed to keep the President of the United States out of danger when they can’t even keep it in their pants?

And reportedly, this came to light because of a dispute over less than 50 bucks:

The confrontation occurred early last week, said Rep. Pete King, a Long Island Republican who was briefed on the incident yesterday.

One of the agents sent home after agency bosses in DC learned what was going on was “in a supervisory role,” said King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee…

The trouble began for the Secret Service after the agents’ night of carousing, when a hotel employee noticed a hooker’s ID was still at the front desk at 7 a.m., in violation of hotel policy on overnight guests, King said.

The manager went to the agent’s room where the woman had spent the night and saw the two inside arguing, King said.

“She said the agent owed her money,” King said. “He said he didn’t have to pay her…”

Prostitution is legal in much of Colombia inside “tolerance zones” controlled by police. The going rate for hookers in Cartagena is around $47, according to Colombian TV.

Finally, some fiscal responsibility from the Obama White House.

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